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The Virginia Beach ARC is a ARRL Special Service "ham radio" club covering all aspects of the hobby.  Visit the Public Service page to find all of the events that we support in the city.  Visit the Admin page to find all the details of the club from Bylaws to officers.  The History page looks at the events from the past.  The membership page offers full details on joining VBARC and membership roster. 


The next meeting of VBARC is Thursday, December 6th.  This is the Annual Christmas Dinner and all Mmbers ahd their guests are invited.  The Dinner will start at 7:00 PM and the location will be the Golden Corral Rest, Red Mill Commons, 2177 Upton Dr., VA Beach, 23454.  We will be in the large meeting room to your right after you go through the cash registers.  At the registers tell them you are with the Radio Club.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be December 26th @ 7:00 PM at the VBARC Beach Shack, 3469 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach.  Click here for a map to Ocean Park Rescue - THE VBARC BEACH SHACK


License Testing: The next session will be in 2019.  Master VE  Ed Williams reported that for 2018 his team of VE's held 15 Test sessions which required a total of 81 VE's to administer 187 tests to 102 candidates.  The results were 50 new Techs, 25 new Generals, 10 new Extras and 17 did not pass a test.  Thanks to Ed and his team for a great year.

Public Service Notes from Tom WS9B:

We want to thank: Jonathon, KB0AAJ; Nancy, KK4FXY; Gretchen, KK4FXW; Claud, KI4LKW; George, WA4GDB; Bob, K4YOU; Scott, KK4FXS; Jim, K3QQN; Joel, KQ4ET; Tim, KN4FEE; Doug, KA4TMS; Trap, KB8ABJ; Terry, KA8TNF and Keith, KE4KDY for helping with Wicked 10K run.

We want to thank: Scott, KK4FXS; Joel, KQ4ET; Jim, K3QQN; Keith, KN4DCZ; Mike, WB4BAX; Tim, KN4FEE; Bob, K4YOU; Jonathon, KB0AAJ; Doug, KA4TMS and Terry, KA8TNF for helping with Norfolk Harbor 5K run.
We want to thank: Terry, KA8TNF; Joel, KQ4ET; Mike, K4MJ; Butch, KE4AZL; Tim, KN4FEE; Bill, KC2DLR; Mike, W3LNA; Scott, KK4FXS; Jim, K3QQN; Jonathon, KB0AAJ; Claud, KI4LKW; Gretchen, Gretchen; Bob, K4YOU; John, WB4AXY; Richard, KD4FIG; Steve, KC4JGC; Doug, KA4TMS; Keith, KE4KDY; and Mike, WB4BAX for helping with Norfolk Harbor Marathon.

We would like everyone to program in their radio’s 147.045, 146.97, 147.3 and 444.95 as simplex frequencies.  It provides a backup if repeater goes down.  No Tones….

NOTE: VBARES/Public Service has selected three (3) crossband frequencies: they are 445.775, 445.875 and 445.85. We have also selected three (3) 2M frequencies for simplex operation: they are 147.57, 147.405 and 147.51. These frequencies will have an ENCODE and DECODE tone of 233.6.Please add to your programming file or manually enter the above frequencies for all your radios.If all else bring radio to club meeting and I will try and program it for you with all the frequencies above

Thanks - Tom WS9B and Terry KA8TNF

Radiosport or contesting: This is a popular way to make alot of contacts and increase your operating skills, work on WAS and DXCC.  Click here to see the December contests! DX Calendar

DX Calendar December 2018

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Local repeaters are controlled by the Virginia Beach Emergency Amateur Repeater Society or VBEARS.  Repeaters are available on 146.970, 146.895 and 444.950.  Please check the VBEARS page for full details of all repeaters in the region.  If you are using the repeaters and have problems please address your issues to the Manager of the repeater via email here.  We also have a new repeater on 147.300+ managed by the Hospital Network.  It is open to all hams when not used for emergency events.

Key nets on the 146.895 repeater are:
     ARES Net every Tuesday Night at 8:00 PM
     Hampton Roads Service Net at 9:00 PM every night.


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